Best water softener companies 2020 – All You Need To Know

In this article, we are going to tell you about the best water softener companies in 2020. There is a lot of brands making water softeners in and outside of the USA. We heard that most of our readers are facing difficulties in finding the top water softener brand or a company.

That’s why we are writing this article after analyzing the market and different best water softener companies. After reading the whole article, you can choose your water softener brand easily. On our homepage of this website, you can also read our detailed reviews list of the best water softener.

Usually, different companies are famous for different types of water softeners like salt-based, salt-free or electric water softeners, etc. However, we are covering only those water softener companies which are performing best in the market.


Fleck systems are one of the leading manufacturers of water softeners and related parts. US water system Inc is a parent company of fleck systems and situated in Indiana, USA. They are not only making water softeners but also making valves and other fleck parts.

They are working in the market for water treatment from the last 50 years. This company has a well-qualified water treatment experts. Due to highly trained staff and consistent experience, fleck systems are one of the best choices in the USA.

This company is making all fleck related products like magnum valves, structural tanks, water filters, and fleck valves, etc. Due to high-quality products, they give a reasonable time of warranty ranging from 5 to 10 years.

Our research found that fleck systems are a trustworthy brand of the USA in the field of water treatment. In current times their hot selling product is fleck 500sxt 48,000 grains water softener.

In short overall customer satisfaction of fleck water softeners is good. Their products are excellent and efficient.

Fleck Systems - Best water softener companies



Fleck 5600SXT


Whirlpool Water Systems:

Whirlpool Corporation started in 1911 in Michigan, USA. This company began with separate laundry related products like dishwasher and washing machines etc. For the past many years, they also started making water softeners.

Usually, Whirlpool made products are top notch and technologically efficient. They first hire highly qualified water experts and then use their ideas to create new products.

All of the water products, including filters and softeners made by Whirlpool, are certified by NSF. They follow all international standards for water systems manufacturing. Their water softeners are famous across the US because of their high quality and affordable prices.

The Whirlpool customer support team is another advantage to its users. Their support team is fully active, and you can contact them at any time for any issue. The overall trust level of this water softener company is very high.



Whirlpool WHES30E 


EDDY Water Softener Brand:

Eddy water softener is another water treatment company famous for its electric water softeners. Two electronics engineers founded this company in 1999. Their first model of electronic water descaler was ED1503p launched in 1999.

Their unique idea of water softening, unlike salt based technologies, went viral in the general population. Eddy water softener works on the principle of the magnetic field. By using the magnetic field, Eddy water descaler removes all toxic minerals from hard water.

Usually, All of the best water softener companies making either salt-based or salt-free water softeners at that time. When Eddy announced its electronic descaler, then people started using this, especially in the UK.

This product is available at a reasonable price, and the company is giving a 12-month money-back guarantee.


Best Model of Eddy:

EDDY Electronic Water Softener


APEC Water Systems:

APEC water systems are another water softener company famous for its reverse osmosis products. The company makes reverse osmosis type water softeners instead of typical water softeners. APEC RO (Reverse Osmosis Systems) are award-winning products.

This company is located in California, USA, and they have experience of 17 years in water treatment. A large number of US customers are happily using APEC water systems, and they are satisfied with their salt-free technology.

APEC water systems are leading the water treatment market due to their quality testing department. After manufacturing, their quality testing team makes sure that not a single unit leaves the facility without undergoing a strict inspection process.

All of the manufacturing, testing, and packaging of APEC water system products are happening in the USA. However, their products are ready to use for anywhere in the world.

APEC water systems - Water softener company

Best Model of APEC water systems:

APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series


3M purification:

Some of the most efficient water softener & filtration systems are made by 3M purification in this era. Their unique industrial technology revolutionized the water treatment industry. This company is a child company of 3m American multinational conglomerate corporation.

3M purifications are making some of the most used under the sink water treatment systems in the USA. Their customers are happily using 3M products due to its soft and modern technology. They are also making water filtration systems for whole-house use.

AP302 Aqua-pure whole house water filtration system is one of the most used and trusted models of 3M purification. There are dozens of 3M plants working in various states of the USA, like Illinois, Ohio, Alabama, Lowa, and Alaska, etc.

3M purification - Water softener company

BEST MODEL OF 3M purification:

3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filtration System



What is the best whole house water softener system?

Ans: Mostly, it depends upon the water softener usage at a house. However, the following mentioned models are the best whole house water softener systems.

Aquasana Whole House Descaler System

Spring Well Future Soft Water Softener

Pelican Nature Soft

Eddy Electronic ED6002P water softener system

Are whole house water softeners worth it?

Ans: Yes, Whole house water softeners are worth having, and they will save our money in a longer run. After using a whole house system, we can get rid of spotty laundry and rusty pipelines. Another great benefit of these systems is that our home appliances will start working faster due to soft water supply.

Final Words:

All of the above-mentioned water softening companies are doing a great job in the field of water treatment. They are offering their products with suitable accessories and warranty period. They are manufacturing various models and versions of water softeners. Now you can choose any of these water softener manufacturers and buy your dream water softener system.

You can also search on Google “water softener companies near me,” and then if you found any of the above companies near you, visit them.


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