Best Water Softener in 2021 – Reviews & Expert Opinions

Choosing the best water softener is vital in many countries of the world. Moreover, People living in areas where hard water is most prevalent can understand the problems caused by it like stained clothes and ashy skin, etc.  To get rid of your bad skin and spotty laundry issues, we recommend you use the best water softener at home.

Here’s the deal,

We already knew about your next query that how can someone select the best water softener system in the market. As a result, we did intensive research and made the list of best water softeners. We are sure that you can easily choose your required water softener after reading our reviews and buying guide below.

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Best Water Softener Ahead!

Best Water Softener

List of  Best Water Softener in 2020

ABCwaters Built Fleck 5600sxt⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
AFWFilters Digital Water Softener⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fleck 5600SXT ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Aquasana Water Softener⭐⭐⭐⭐
Eddy Electronic Water Softener⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nuvo H2O Dphb⭐⭐⭐⭐
Whirlpool WHES30E⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tier1 Digital Water Softener⭐⭐⭐⭐
RV-Pro 10,000 Grains⭐⭐⭐⭐
On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT⭐⭐⭐⭐

1: ABC Built Fleck 5600sxt

“Best rated water softener system.”

Overall, If you want to remove iron and other minerals from water at home, then this product will be the best choice for you. This unit is at number 1 because of it’s dual functionality. It removes the hardness of water and some other unwanted chemicals like calcium, magnesium, etc. It comes with a built-in fleck 5600sxt softener valve, which makes this product a top choice.

ABC water softener

Another key point is that If you have a water system connected to a well, then the chances of iron in the water are high. That’s why this product is necessary for removing that iron away. It also has 2.0 cubic ft of pre-loaded resin. They also placed special-purpose capacitors, which give a memory backup of up to 48 hours in case of sudden power loss.

This water softener comes with 1-inch Noryl threaded plastic bypass with standard plumbing lines. It has USA black tanks and a new paddlewheel meter. It also has a half-inch drain barb and safety float. The service app is a new function in this system, which helps you to access its internal system configuration by using your smartphone.


1: Weight of the item: 180 pound

2: Product dimensions:  48 x 12 x 12 Inches

3:  Grain Size: 64,000 Grains

4: Flow Rate: 13 Gallons per minute

Pros and Cons:

  • Remove iron efficiently
  • Easy to Install
  • Long-lasting
  • Softener and filter at one place
  • Little bit expensive

Expert Opinion:

In reality, The overall performance of this water softener is excellent. Most of the customers are using this product without any significant problem. You can order this product with all extra fittings and install it easily according to instructions. Many customers are saying that this system spends less salt than its competitors. This product is also programmable, giving you the best possible option at this price.


2: AFW Filters Digital Water Softener

‘For Iron and Sulfur removal.’

This digital water softener made by AWF Filters can fulfill your needs if you want to keep your water supply clean from sulfur. This product is a revised version of the iron series soft water system. It can remove both iron and sulfur from water and make it soft enough for daily use.

Along with the main unit, suppliers will also send you to bypass valve and DIY instructions. This unit is straightforward and eliminates water spots and soap spots. Its digital control allows you to minimize salt usage.

AFW Digital Water Softener

Also, it can remove small grains of manganese. This product is programmable, and you can control gallons of water flowing through the tank. This system includes a round almond brine tank with safety float. It also has an almond resin tank and digital meter, which you can use to control the water flow. This system removes both soluble and insoluble forms of iron from water.


1: Item Weight: 119 Pound

2: Product Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 21 inches

3: Grain size: 64000

4: Flow Rate: 16 Gallons per minute.

Pros and Cons:

  • Dual functionality (Iron + Sulfur)
  • Digital Meter for water flow
  • Easy Installation
  • Fine Mesh Resin
  • Manual start in the absence of power

Expert Opinion:

According to our research, this product can be a good fit for your needs if you are looking for a home water softener. You can install it easily at home after reading the instruction manual. It is useful in removing iron, sulfur, and magnesium grains. It can remove hardness from approx 70 to 75 pg. For iron removal, its range is 6 to 8 pmm.


3: Fleck 5600SXT 

This is another excellent water softener for the treatment of sulfur & iron from water.  It’s well-designed media guard KDF 85 can easily remove hydrogen sulfide, manganese and remaining iron particles are filtered out by fine mesh resin. This product comes with a 10-year warranty on the tank and approx five years on the valve.

Fleck 5600sxt

Its SXT controller is one of the most advanced parts which comes with many programmable functions, and you can also configure them according to various conditions. It has touchpad control and a user-friendly interface, which enables you to get the maximum output.

It has a 14″x34″ black square brine tank and a typical safety float. Its high capacity of 8% cross-linked resin can perform better than any other water softener of this performance range. The company will also send 1″ male threaded yoke connection and a bypass valve along with water softener.

This water softener has an LCD digital display for easy control. You can use the same SXT controller to control the usage of salt. Its fine mesh resin removes soluble and insoluble iron elements in the water. It has a round blue brine tank along with safety float.


1: Item weight: 95 pounds.

2: Product Dimensions: 18  x  30  x 62 inches.

3: Grain Size: 48,000.

4: Flow Rate: 12 gallons per minute.


Pros and Cons:

  • Easy installation
  • Long-lasting
  • Digital display
  • Not available in many colors

Expert Opinion:

After analyzing some tefchnical details and different water softener reviews, we are now confident about this product. It will remove hardness up to 50 gpg and iron up to 4 ppm. One of its amazing things is that it can also remove hydrogen sulfide up to 2ppm. They have excellent customer support and warranty scheme on their products.

Its 10-year warranty on tanks, user interface, paddlewheel meter, and premium quality resin gives it an added advantage to many other products.


4: Aquasana Water Softener

This inline best whole house water softener & filter always comes in top choices. It doesn’t use any salt or chemicals for removing the hardness of the water. It also removes 97% of chlorine and some other harmful elements from water.

Aquasana Water Softener

This is a dual tank system that works without salt. This filter system uses modern scale control media technology to scale the water instead of adding chemicals and sodium to it.  It turns hard water grains into a crystal-like structure that stops unwanted minerals from binding.


2: Item weight: 10.2 pound

3: Product Dimensions: 9  x  46  x 54 inches

4: Grain size: Crystal size grains

5: Flow Rate: 7 gallons per minute

Pros and Cons:

  • Salt-free technology
  • Healthier for hair and skin
  • Sterilight UV Disinfection system
  • Long-lasting
  • You may need post filters
  • Not suitable for iron

Expert Opinion:

If you want to soften and filter the water without using chemicals, then this can be your ultimate water softener for a house. If you have more iron and sulfur in your water supply, then this filter may become less effective. It comes with all Important components and basics fittings. This product is excellent in performance, but you have to change the water filter every six months.


5: Eddy Electronic Water Softener

This electronic water descaler is one of the most effective water softeners from our list. You can install it quickly at your incoming water supply line. It can descale your water system and provide results above 20 gpg.  It produces electromagnetic waves in water, which forces hard elements of water to leave through the drain system.

Eddy Water Softener

Eddy water softener does not use any salt or conventional water softening methods. It comes with a box and set of coils which create a magnetic field on an entry point of water. Its built-in cables are 1.5 inches in diameter. It runs on a 110v electrical supply.


1: Item weight: 7.8 ounces

2: Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 1.6 x 3.5 inches

3: Grain size: Electricity

4: Flow Rate: N/A

Pros and Cons:

  • No need for chemicals
  • No need for plumbing
  • Descaling of the whole system
  • Suitable price
  • Less effective with lead and iron particles

Expert Opinion:

We included this water descaler on our list because of its small size, efficiency, and a good time of warranty. We recommend this water softener to those people who want an electrical alternative to salt-based systems.


6: Nuvo H2O Dphb

”Innovative System”

The Nuvo H2O Dphb water softener works on a very modern scientific principle. It doesn’t use any electricity or salt to softening the water. So if you want an effective but alternative to salt-based systems, then this is a suitable option.

Nuvo H2O

This masterpiece decreases the Ph level of water by using its chelating agent approved by the FDA.  This chelating agent mixes itself with hard water and makes all hard minerals soluble. The resulting water from this process is soft water, which you can use without worry.


1: Item weight: 8 pounds

2: Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 24 inches

3: Grain size: Electrical Supply

4: Flow Rate: 15 Gallons per minute

Pros and Cons:

  • Healthy fo hair and skin
  • Flow rate is good
  • Comes with all essential fittings
  • Cartridges may needs change after 50,000 Gallons
  • May not work good with well water

Expert Opinion:

We recommend this system because of its unique technology, and it is worthy of its price. Its cartridge will work well for a year, and it’s straightforward to install when needed. Also, you don’t need to worry about the number of salt bags.


7: Whirlpool WHES30E 

If you are a family of 1 to 4 people and looking for a suitable Whirlpool water filter system, then you just got it. This Whirlpool WHES30  is fully automated. It’s latest calculation system controls the use of salt and water according to its needs.


It comes with an installation kit, bypass valve, and user manual. It has one year of warranty for labor and parts. The design of this system is different than other cylindrical shapes water softeners, but its work efficiency is not less than that. Apart from softening the water, it also removes iron particles from water.


1: Item weight: 95 pounds

2: Product Dimensions: 19 x 18 x 43.5 inches

3: Grain size: 30,000

4: Flow Rate:  N/A

Pros and Cons:

  • Intelligent use of salt & water
  • Small in size
  • Excellent warranty period
  • May need additional hardware

Expert Opinion: 

We added this to our list after reviewing its intelligent use of salt and water, small size, and relatively less price. According to our research, 77% of its users are satisfied with its performance. It is super easy to install and well worth the price. It is one of the most used water softener systems for the home.


8: Tier1 Digital Water Softener 

Tier1 is simple but worth having a water softener system for home, that’s why we are mentioning it on our list. The presence of Fleck 5600sxt made it a significant option while choosing a water softeners for home. It will only remove all hard minerals from your water, and you get pure and soft water.

Tier 1

Tier1 is a digital water softener made in the USA. By using its digital meter with LCD, you can control water flow and pressure at any time. It mainly removes two-component calcium phosphate and magnesium, which is present in hard water.  The mineral tank is 10 inches in diameter. The brian tank has a capacity of 4 to 5 packs of salt.


1: item weight: 10.4 ounces

2: Product Dimensions: 57 x 27 x 15 inches

3: Grain size: 48,000

4: Flow Rate:  N/A

Pros and Cons:

  • Space-saving
  • Digital meter
  • Outside installation possible
  • May does not work while recharging

Expert Opinion: 

This is one of the best water softeners for home. It will be worth having if you don’t want to spend much money on other expensive water systems. Its digital control is also an added advantage, unlike many of its competitors in the market.


9: RV-Pro 10,000 Grains – Best In Portable 

Another worth considering water softener with the most effective regeneration cycle. It can remove hard water stains and neutralizes the iron in the hard water. We are surprised to see its custom build flow valves, which allows you to regenerate a cycle without a connection with the system.

RV Pro - Best Portable Water Softener

This product doesn’t need frequent maintenance.  It is compact and removes the bad minerals from the water with high efficiency. You can use any standard salt for this water softener. It has a relatively high water flow rate of up to 4 GPM. The pressure drop is also low in this product, which is a good sign.


1: Item Weight: 9 Pound

2: Product Dimensions: 22 x 10 x 10 inches

3: Grain size: 10,000

4: Flow Rate: 4 Gallons per minute.

Pros and Cons:

  • Portable
  • Easy to Install
  • Quick disconnect
  • Long-lasting resin
  • Not for a large family

Expert Opinion: 

This product is portable as compared to other units available in the market. It also comes with gold resin and a low price. You don’t need to buy any extra resins for it. It is an ultimate choice for backpackers who want to need a water softener on a go. We don’t recommend this for a home with a large family.


10: On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT

It is another salt-based portable option. This product is an excellent option for those people who needs a water softener for recreational vehicles and outdoor camping.  It can provide the owner with 1600 gallons of soft water by regenerating two boxes of common salt.

On The Go OTC 4

Its high flow inlet valve allows very slow rinse, which increases the capacity of water flow. They are also providing a backflush adapter, which is used for a quick reverse connection. It gives quality soft water, which improves your skin health and removes iron and rust stains.  It also has a plug & cap, which prevents the leakage so you can use it outside without any problem.


1: Item Weight: 32 Pound

2: Product Dimensions: 23.4 x 11 x 10.8 inches

3: Grain size: 16,000

4: Flow Rate: 1600 Gallons per minute.

Pros and Cons:

  • Portable Unit
  • Compact design
  • High efficiency
  • No Electricity needed
  • May not work well for larger family

Expert Opinion: 

This unit is another good portable solution for hard water. It covers very small space and provides quality soft water. According to our research, it can provide more than 40% of quality water as compared to some other units in this range. You can install it almost everywhere without using any tool or electricity. This unit is a good choice if you are looking for portable options.



Pelican advantage series is a classy and high-quality option having two models PS48 and PS80. It has a metered electronic head and a high capacity tank. This unit can work with different types of salts like sodium & potassium etc. They built it with very high-quality material so it can deliver world-class water treatment.

It has state of the art microprocessor for the control panel setting. You can store data or configuration settings in non-volatile memory. Also, the user can use this softener with three different modes of operations.

In Time Clock Delayed mode, a regeneration cycle started automatically at a preset day time. In a meter delayed option, when the water display level reached zero levels, an automatic regeneration cycle will be launched at a specified time. However, In 3rd and last option (Meter Immediate), when the water level has reached zero, a regen cycle started immediately.

Pelican Advantage Series

Also, If the amount of chlorine is used according to standards, then resin of this product may work well for up to 20 years. You can also use a bypass valve for necessary maintenance if needed. It uses the backwashing process to remove dirt from a tank before starting the actual regeneration process. It has a battery back up of up to 8 hours.


1: Item Weight: N/A

2: Product Dimensions: N/A

3: Grain size: 48,000 (PS48) & 80,000 (PS80)

4: Flow Rate: 12 & 18 Gallon per minute.

Pros and Cons:

  • Work well with both Sodium and Pottasium
  • Good flow rate
  • Easily Programmable
  • Bypass valve included
  • High price

Expert Opinion:

After using this water softener you will don’t feel any slippery feeling from soft water. It also leaves healthy minerals in the water. It’s back washing technoligyb saves a lot of water annually. It’s premium bypass valve helps you in maintainence.

This company got a good number of customers who are using their product without any complaint. This unit works in 3 steps backwashing, regeneration, and rinsing. Its programmable electronic head will help you to control its performance. It’s all systems are according to standards and worth buying.


 Things to consider before buying – Buying Guide 

When you have a lot of options, then you need to know how to choose the best-rated water softener. After completing a section of water softener system reviews now, we will try to explain some underlying factors which help you to choose the best option.

Water Flow Rate:

One of the most important factors is the flow rate, which means how many gallons of water can flow per minute through your softener/filter. Usually, a washing machine uses 1.5 gallons per minute, a shower  2.1, and kitchen sink 2.2. According to our research, a typical house needs 6 to 12 gallons of water flow per minute. We recommend you to must check the water flow rate before purchasing a home water softener.

Grain Rating: 

Grains rating means that how many numbers of grains your soft water system, can remove before completion of its regeneration cycle. The regeneration cycle is a process in which your home water softener removes the unnecessary mineral from hard water in a specific period. Typically one regeneration cycle completes in approx 80 to 90 minutes.

Usually, the average house needs a softening capacity of 3000 grains and 300 gallons of water per day. So for a family of 5 to 6 people, we recommend choosing a water softener having a grain rating of a minimum of 40,000.

Area :

Another critical factor is the area around your incoming pipes. If you have small pipes, then you can’t buy a very big water softener. Most of the water softeners in our list are small in size, which can easily be connected.

However, some dual tank softeners have large brian tanks, so for that kind of product, you may require ample space for installation. To avoid any confusion, calculate the size of your supply line pipes, and also read your desired product dimensions. Once you are sure that your choice will easily fit in your space, then go for it.

Hardness Level:

It is also essential to determine how hard the water is. In the USA, most of the areas have different hardness levels. You can simply check your city and learn the hardness level in your area from the Official Website of the US govt here. If you found your hardness level more then 7 GPG, then you must need a water softener.

Types of Water Softeners: 

The working method of water softeners is another crucial factor to ponder. Typically there are two types of water softeners, Conventional and Salt-free.


Traditionally, when hard water passes through a resin filter inside the tank, it can exchange its hard minerals with sodium. There are many options available in conventional water softeners.


Most of the salt-free water softeners work on magnetic principles. They use electric supply to create a magnetic field in the hard water, which suspends hard water elements in the water and later flushes them out through a drainage system.

Another type is filtering water softeners, which crystalize unwanted mineral grains and stop them from binding to pipes. These types of softeners often need a filter change.

Bypass Valve: 

The bypass valve is an essential component that allows water flow from the supply line to softener. This bypass valve used to stop the water from entering into the water softener system while allowing it into other supply lines in the house. Most of the bypass valves are easy to operate. We highly recommend using these valves.


       How to Install your product at home – Installation Guide 

In this digital era, we can find almost everything on the internet. Installing a water softener by yourself might sound complicated, but it’s not much in reality. All of the products mentioned above comes with instruction manual and installation guides.

Here are we are sharing some basics installation steps with you.

  • Shut off the incoming water supply line of your house.
  • Locate the area in your home where you want to install your product.
  • Cut the main water line at your desired location with a cutter.
  • Install basics valve on track, including a bypass valve.
  • After taking measurements from the bypass valve to unit, cut the fitting pipes in the required size.
  • After the connection of pipes, check if there is a need for any soldering or not.
  • Attach the pipes to the production unit with the help of compression fittings, which you got with a product.
  • Open the instruction manual and connect the brine tank with the overflow tube.
  • Another drain line required for maintenance, join it.
  • Now connect the pipe between the product and the water line going into your house.

Comparison Chart:

Product NameGrain SizeGallons Per MinuteItem WeightProduct Dimensions
ABCwaters Built Fleck 5600sxt64,00013 GPM180 pounds48 x 12 x 12 inches
AFWFilters Digital Water Softener64,00016 GPM119 Pounds14 x 7 x 21 inches
Fleck 5600SXT48,00012 GPM95 pounds18  x  30  x 62 inches
Aquasana Water SoftenerCrystal size grains7 GPM10.2 pounds9  x  46  x 54 inches
Eddy Electronic Water SoftenerElectrical SupplyN/A7.8 ounces6.7 x 1.6 x 3.5 inches
Nuvo H2O DphbElectrical Supply15 GPM8 pounds5 x 5 x 24 inches
Whirlpool WHES30E30,000N/A95 pounds19 x 18 x 43.5 inches
Tier1 Digital Water Softener48,000N/A10.4 ounces57 x 27 x 15 inches
RV-Pro 10,000 Grains10,0004 GPM9 pounds22 x 10 x 10 inches
On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT16,0001600 GPM32 Pounds23.4 x 11 x 10.8 inches

Difference Between Reverse Osmosis (RO) & Water Softeners:

Water softeners work according to the ionization process as we discussed above, and reverse osmosis uses the filtration process. Hard water brings a lot of problems with it like laundry spots and skin health etc. To solve the hard water problem, we need water softeners so we can live happily.

On the other hand, reverse osmosis doesn’t follow the ionization process. They use different filters to remove chlorine, detergents, and Florida, etc. out of water. They also come in the market with various versions like whole house RO systems can filter all the water flowing in your house.

In the end, you will get pleasant-tasting soft water in your glasses and showers. However, water softeners give you high-quality soft water than a reverse osmosis system.

Best Water Softener - Infrographics

When You Need A Water Softener?

Typically,  hard water is not very dangerous, but it creates some serious problems. We explained some indications below; if you found one or many of them in your home, then buy a water softener immediately.

Dry Skin: 

Hard water minerals mostly start damaging your skin cells, and your skin becomes dry and rough. With hater water, it will be more difficult for you to moisturize your skin. So when you start facing issues related to your skin, buy a water softener.

Hair Issues:

Another hard water issue is related to your hair. Hard water minerals, when stayed on your hair for a long time, make them dry and rough.  You have to take care of this issue by softening the water.

Soap Lather: 

When you see that your soap doesn’t make lather with your home water, then your water is hard. Hard water minerals don’t get dissolved with soap easily. Make your home water soft so your soap can work well.

Scale Build-Up:

When you start seeing a white-colored build-up around your pipes, supply lines, and faucets, then it’s due to hard water minerals. Over time, this build-up can decrease the efficiency and life of your appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, etc. To get rid of this build-up, we advised you to buy the best water softener for home.

Some Frequently asked questions:

1. Which brand of a water softener is best? 

After reading many water softener reviews, we concluded that the following are the best water softener in the market.

  • Overall Best –  Fleck 5600sxt 48,000 Grain Size
  • Best for well water- Fleck 5600sxt 64,000 Grain Size
  • Best Electronic Water Softener – Eddy Water Descaler

2. How do I know which water softener is best for me? 

Well, most of the time, it depends upon your personal needs and price range. however, Some common factors for choosing water softener are the following.

-For Iron or Sulfur removal

-Electronic or salt-based water Softeners

-The flow rate of water

-Grain Size

3. Can you drink softened water? 

Most of the time, softened water is perfect for drinking. In the process of the softening, we mostly remove iron and sulfur and adds sodium into it, so there is no harm in drinking that. However, if sodium level in your water increased, then you can simply avoid drinking it.

4. How do water softeners work?

Commonly water softeners work with a scientific process called “Ion Exchange.” When hard water coming from a water supply enters into a mineral tank, it releases calcium and magnesium and receives sodium. There are also some other scientific methods for softening water.  You can read here in detail.

5. How long do water softeners last?

Every machine has a life span, and when it ends, they stopped working. A high-quality water softener usually works well for 10 to 15 years. The life span of water softeners also depends upon their proper installation and maintenance. That’s why experts advised keeping your appliances well maintained all the time.

 Final Verdict: 

In the end, we wish you the best of luck for your next water softener. We hope that our guide helped you with picking the best water softener from the market. If you like our guide, then you can share it with the people who are sick of hard water. If you think we might need improvement, then you can contact us anytime. We appreciate your stay on our site and spending your valuable time with us.

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