Best Water Softener For Well Water – (Ultimate Reviews of 2020)

Best water softener for well water is a need of thousand of people around the world who are getting their water supply from a well. It doesn’t mean that these water softeners are different from simple water softeners and we can use them for well Water only. You can also use these water softeners for regular use, but the below-mentioned products are efficient for well Water.

Also, before purchasing a water softener, you have to know about its technical specification and your needs. That’s why we made a list of best water softeners for well water so you can buy a product according to your needs. If you are looking for a best water softener for overall use then you can read our article here.

Best Water Softener For Well Water

Best Water Softener For Well Water

List of Best Water Softener For Well Water:

Springwell Water Softener⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Aquasure Harmony Series⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
ISpring RCC7  Water Softener⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
AFWFilters WS-96k-91SXT⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
iSpring WGB32BM⭐⭐⭐⭐
SoftPro Elite⭐⭐⭐⭐
Quantum High-Efficiency⭐⭐⭐⭐

Springwell Water Softener:

Springwell is the best home water softener for well water. They designed this excellent unit for people who are having trouble with hard water. It’s a high-quality unit that will help you to soften well water or hard water coming from the standard supply line.

Their innovative technology turns hard water into soft water using an “Ion Exchange” method. Furthermore, This unit will also prevent limescale build-up from appliances resulting in less plumbing issues. This water softener is a salt-based system with Fleck 5600 valve.

SpringWell Water Softener - Best for Well Water

Besides, they are using an electronic metered valve fixed on the top of a resin tank. Once a resin tank reaches its maximum point cleaning cycle begins, which removes the trapped minerals from the system. By using this water softener, you can get rid of hair loss and skin issues.



1: Weight of the item: 147 pound

2: Product dimensions:  33 x 18 x 13 Inches.

3:  Grain Size: 32000 – 80000 Grains.

4: Flow Rate: 20 Gallons per minute.

Pros and Cons:

  • Best for well water.
  • Easy to Install.
  • It removes limescale build-up efficiently.
  • Six months guarantee for satisfaction.
  • Programmable head & installation kit.
  • The price is high.

Expert Opinion:

In this case, Springwell (best water softener well water) with 20 years of experience in water treatment business leading the market. They use premium technology and components for outstanding system performance. If you are looking for a water softener that can give you a better-tasting food, healthier skin, and softer hair and cleaner clothes then Spring well water softener is the best choice for you. They also built an app that helps you to see information related to water usage and to control valve setting.

Aquasure Harmony Series:

This 32000 grains Aquasure harmony series is the best water softener for well water with iron and suitable for the need of 1 to 2 bathrooms. Apart from removing hardness, it will also remove magnesium and iron particles from well water. It will eliminate the scale build-up from your water pipes.

Aquasure Harmony Series

To decrease the excessive use of Salt and Water, the Aquasure water softener is using the digital controlled head. Moreover, This unit allows backwashing at specific intervals according to requirements. Its first-class resin improves the quality of soft water. They built this great product with corrosion-resistant fiberglass material. Soften water generated from this product will be a gentler to your sensitive skin.

Aquasure water softener has three types of regeneration, including meter-delayed control, immediate meter control, and clock delayed control, which improves the performance of the unit. Its control head comes with pre-setting suitable for most of the homes, but you can also customize it according to your needs.



1: Weight of the item: 88 pounds.

2: Product dimensions:  9 x 9 x 54 Inches.

3:  Grain Size: 32000 Grains.

4: Flow Rate: 15 Gallons per minute.

Pros and Cons:

  • Effiecent for well water.
  • Easy to Install.
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Digital Control head.
  • It may be expensive.
  • The resin tank is a little bit heavier.

Expert Opinion:

For a household of 1 to 2 bathrooms, it can be a good option. During our research, we found many customers who are using this product without any significant issue. One of its best things is that it will save extra Water and Salt for you. Some customers are also not satisfied with this unit, but they are few in numbers.

ISpring RCC7  Water Softener:

This Ispring RCC7 model whole house water softener is built in such a fabulous way that it will both soften and filter your water with a high-efficiency rate. It works through a 5 stage process that provides you soft water and protection from over 1000 unhealthy elements.

Ispring RCC7 High Capacity Water Softener

It has transparent 1st stage housing, and you can see the sediment filter through it. GAC and KDF filter removes significant minerals, and the CTO filters eliminate the smaller ones. The main thing of this unit is the RO filter that detaches the contaminated metal from the water on a micro-level.

Another GAC filter is also present in a unit as a final checkpoint for water containments. All of their filters are in premium quality; that’s why they claim they are America’s favorite brand. In short, hard & contaminated water is tested on five different stages, and each step does its work to provide high quality clean and soft water.



1: Weight of the item: 20 pound.

2: Product dimensions:  15 x 8 x 18 Inches.

3:  Grain Size: 5-staged Process.

4: Flow Rate: 75 Gallons per day.

Pros and Cons:

  • 5 staged process.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Multifunctional filters.
  • 1-year manufacturer guarantee.
  • Filter replacement required after some time.

Expert Opinion:

According to our research, this company tested its water softeners & filters manually to confirm their 99.9% efficiency rate. All components of this unit are according to international standards. This product also has a large number of satisfied customers in the USA, and it is the best soft water system. We hope that it will be the best product for you.

AFWFilters WS-96k-91SXT:

We have another best water softener for well water. AFW Filters build this unit. This product comes with all the necessary instructions and a bypass valve. Our research team found that this unit is efficient in treating high hardness.

AFW Filters WS-96K

Besides, they introduced a digital meter for increasing their working capacity and controlling water flow. You can also monitor salt usage according to conditions. Another great thing is the Standard 1″ MNPT thread that ensures a secure plumbing connection. It has a high capacity resin tank with an 8% cross-link. AFW Filters also made a large almond brine tank having safety float.

To sum up, this product is fully capable of removing hardness from water and preventing scale build-up inside water pipes. Its flow rate is excellent, and you can control it digitally.



1: Weight of the item: 53 pounds.

2: Product dimensions:  14 x 14 x 65 Inches.

3:  Grain Size: 96000 Grains.

4: Flow Rate: 20 Gallons per minute.

Pros and Cons:

  • Dual Tank.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Complete the whole house system.
  • The resin may damage during shipping.

Expert Opinion:

According to our research team, this water softener is good for well water and iron removal. However, this product doesn’t have extensive customer feedback. You can test this product on your own in the light of the above details.

iSpring WGB32BM Water Softener:

Ispring made this product WGB32BM, especially for well water. This is a whole house water filtration system, as suggested by its name, and it will clean and soften water entering your house from any type of source. This system worked in 3 different stages to ensure maximum efficiency.

Ispring WGB32BM

Firstly, a specific housing having 5-micron high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter removes the large size particles to stop scale build-up. Secondly, the high-density carbon block filter comes into action, which eliminates bad taste, chlorine, and other organic chemicals.

In the third and final stage, an active iron and manganese filter is present to knock iron and manganese out of water. If you are living in a general area with clean water, then you may not need this iron filter. However, after these three stages, you will get clean and soft water for daily use.



1: Weight of the item: 3.08 pounds.

2: Product dimensions:  21 x 08 x 28 Inches.

3:  Grain Size: N/A.

4: Flow Rate: 15 Gallons per minute.

Pros and Cons:

  • Best for manganese and iron.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Whole house system.
  • It may not remove iron entirely.

Expert Opinion:

The overall performance of this unit is somehow excellent. It works well for removing iron and hard water minerals. However, some customers are not satisfied with their ability to remove smell and iron. You can compare water softener prices with our other reviewed products to buy the best product.

SoftPro Elite:

Softpro elite is another next-generation water softener that works well with any kind of water supply. This product secures its place in a list of premium water softener systems due to its durability, high-efficiency rate, and minimum use of Salt. This unit is a little bit pricy as compared to the lowes water softener, but if we look at its performance, then the price seems reasonable.

Soft Pro Elite

This unit is fully capable of removing chlorine, chemicals, and heavy metals from water. This product also has digital control with LCD mounted on it. You can control the use of Salt & Water by using this digital display. Also, the company making this product in different grain capacities so users can easily select the version according to its needs.

It is available in online markets with preloaded resins that will make your work easy. Secondly, It is a low maintenance machine that will save many bucks of you.



1: Weight of the item: N/A.

2: Product dimensions:  N/A.

3:  Grain Size: Multi Versions.

4: Flow Rate: 14 Gallons per minute.

Pros and Cons:

  • High water flow rate.
  • Super easy to install.
  • User-friendly digital control.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Premium features.
  • No Base Model.
  • Expensive upfront cost.

Expert Opinion:

Softpro Elite is a premium water softener with a little bit of high price. If you are looking for a low-end unit for just getting the job done, then this system is not for you. However, if you want the next generation system with a high-efficiency rate and premium features, then Softpro Elite is a suitable choice for you.

Quantum High-Efficiency Water Softener:

Quantum Water softener for well Water is another useful option with a reverse flow regeneration technique. This technique works better to remove hard minerals as compared to other conventional water softeners using the downflow method. It’s a modern automatic flush system that prevents any bacteria growth in the order.

Quantum High Efficiency Water Softener

This unit is using proportional Brining technology that reduces salt usage up to 30%. Also, the control valve measures the required brine amount before every regeneration cycle. It’s a 3/4″ bypass valve that will help you to fix plumbing issues without affecting the main water supply line.

Quantum is using a brine line & brine grid to avoid salt build-up in the bottom of the brine tank. It is also built according to international standards.



1: Weight of the item: N/A.

2: Product dimensions:  Approx 15 x 15 x 34 inches.

3:  Grain Size: Up to 96000.

4: Flow Rate: 19 Gallons per minute.

Pros and Cons:

  • 75% less salt usage.
  • Flexible backwash frequency.
  • Seven years’ warranty on valve & ten years on tanks.
  • 8% high capacity cross-link resins.
  • The price is high.
  • May does not work well for many years.

Expert Opinion:

Our research team reviewed this unit and found its overall performance satisfactory. Most of the customers are saying that this system removes iron and other hard minerals efficiently. As a result, water at the output is much cleaner as compared to the other systems.

How to test Water Hardness

Water hardness can be measured by two popular methods PPM (Parts per million) and GPG (Grains per Gallons). We will discuss both ways below so you can get actual insight.


As we all know, GPG stands for Grains per Gallons, but we try to explain what it means. One grain of minerals dissolved in one gallon of water defined as GPG. Some people measure water hardness in other units, but ppm and GPG are the most used method in the United States.

US Geological Survey made categorize for different water hardness levels. For 0 to 3.50 GPG water hardness level is soft, 3.56 to 7.01 water hardness level is moderately hard, for 7.06 to 10.51  water is hard and for >= 10.57  water is very hard.


We can define PPM as “1 mg of minerals dissolved in every one liter of water”. Also, This is another effective method for measuring water hardness.

According to the US Geological Survey, we can measure the water hardness in PPM as follows. For 0 to 60 PPM water hardness is soft, for 61 to 120 water is moderately hard, for 121 to 180 water is hard, and for >181 water is very hard.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q1: Which water softener is best for well water?

All of our above-reviewed water softeners works better with well water. On the other hand, It also depends upon the water hardness level and your personal needs.

Q2: Do you need a water softener with well water?

It purely depends upon the concentration of hard water minerals in your well water. If your well water is hard, then it may damage your appliances, affects your skin and hair health. In this case, you need the best water softener for well water.

Q3: Will a water softener remove calcium build-up?

In short, Water softeners do not remove only calcium build up; they also remove many other minerals build-up like magnesium, manganese, and iron, etc. If your water has calcium in it, then water softener will defiantly remove it.

Q4: Will a water softener remove iron from well water?

In this case, Mostly high-quality water softeners remove iron from well water along with other hard water minerals. However, sometimes low-quality water softener fails to remove excessive amounts of metal from water. That’s why we reviewed only high-quality water softeners.

Q5: Why do you need Salt for well Water?

Undoubtedly, Salt is necessary for removing hard minerals (Calcium and magnesium) from well Water during the “Ion Exchange” method. There are also salt-free water softeners available now in the market.

Q6: What size water softener do I need for a family of 4?

Typically a family of 4 members consumes 300 gallons of water daily. Now if water hardness exceeds 10 GPG limit then you need a water softener having grain capacity more then 3000.


Final Verdict:

We reviewed above water softeners after doing a lot of research and analysis on customers’ feedback. We tried our best to make it value-added content for our users, so If you find it valuable, then kindly share it with others. Kindly let us know if you find anything not useful in this context, and we will remove it.









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