Iron In Water and How to remove it? – 2021 Solutions

If you want to find Iron in water, then look for rusty or orange coloured elements around the faucets. Also, if drinking water becomes orange, then the presence of Iron is confirmed. This is one of the most common heavy metals found in the water. Typically, it doesn’t pose any serious threat to human health. But it brings some other problems in home-like spotty dishes, rusty faucets etc.

The presence of iron r also changes the taste of the water. Again, if you will cook the food with this water, it will turn the taste into metallic. In short, wherever you will use this water, it will change the flavour (Tea, Coffee, Food, etc.). This metal also leaves stains on clothes and sinks etc. A massive amount of Iron also causes plumbing issues and damages water pipelines.

Iron in water - Solutions in 2020

Different Types of Iron in water:

1) Ferric Iron:

This is a type of Iron that doesn’t dissolve completely in the water. This type is also called as insoluble Iron. We can fix this issue by using some simple filters.

2) Ferrous Iron:

This type is completely get dissolved in water. That’s why it is also called soluble Iron. Due to its soluble property, it isn’t easy to find it in water with the naked eye. This type is usually found in deep wells. Ferrous iron becomes ferric when water gets exposed against sunlight then we can see the Iron in the water.

3) Bacterial Iron:

This is the most strange type of Iron. This type came into existence when some bacteria make a bond with it. If you leave your water well without good service, then this will happen. Bacterial Iron itself not very dangerous for humans but its fellow bacterias are harmful.

How do I remove Iron from my water?

Foxing iron issues is now a concern of thousand of people around the globe. So I’m going to tell you some effective methods to do this.

1) Water Softeners: 

Water softeners are used widely in the parts of the world where groundwater is hard. People usually use softeners for removing hardness of water, but you can also use it for this purpose. Many companies are making these softeners, and the majority of their products are working well. Just buy a water softener and get rid of too much Iron in the water.

2) Sediment Filter:

A sediment filter is also used for iron removal. Usually, people use these filters for dirt and dust removal from water. However, these filters are equally effective in iron removal. Just make sure that you bought a filter with the lowest rating. This type of filter is not effective against a high concentration of Iron.

3) Birm:

Birm is a mother filter/media used to remove Iron from well water. It first converts insoluble Iron into a soluble iron by oxidizing it and the remove it. Birm mostly used combined with Calcite media.

4) KDF:

KDF is another effective medium widely used against water impurities. It is made of high purity granular zinc. KDF also removes insoluble Iron by oxidizing it. I recommend using this filter with a low water flow rate.

5) Shock chlorination:

The shock chlorination method is used to remove bacteria Iron in well water. In this process, a high concentration of approx 200ppm chlorine is used to disinfect the water. To get a better result also chlorinate the whole well and well pump etc. This method is effective against iron bacteria in water.

This is how you can get rid of brown well water.

Final Words:

In this article, I tried to summarize the most effective methods for iron removal. After reading this article, I hope you will be able to get rid of Iron. You can use any of the above methods for iron removal.

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