Interesting Facts About Water – Saving Water In August 2020

We are going to tell you about some Interesting Facts About Water. Water is one of the most important gifts of God to humans. We use water for drinking, bathing, growing crops and much more. Without food, humans can survive for about three weeks, but without water, we can’t survive more than 3 to 4 days. Usually, we don’t care about the usage of water, but now in this era of global warming, we have to change our attitude towards this issue.

Interesting Facts About Water

To spread awareness about water usage around the world, we prepared a list of some interesting water facts. We hope you will like these facts about water.

More then 70% of Water on Earth is frozen:

This fact may sound weird, but that’s indeed why it is a fact. Most of that frozen water resides in Antarctica in the form of glaciers and oceans. However, the remaining 30% of fresh water is stored underground and readily available for use around the world.

Water Controls the Temperature: 

Most of the people think that how cold and warm temperature changed and answer to that question is “Oceans”. Major oceans of the world transport water between earth’ hotter zones and colder zones. This process helps to controls the overall temperature of the world. However, there are also other multiple natural phenomena which help in climate change.

Water in Humans:

This is one of the most amazing facts about water. According to medical science average human body composed of 60% of water. This water helps the human body to perform daily cell activity. If you stop drinking water, then your body becomes dehydrated, and you may die after 3 to 4 day.

According to one of the dominant religion of the world “Islam” human life is originated from water. These facts prove the worth of the water on earth.

Interesting Facts About Water

These above three are significant water facts, so that’s why we discussed that in details. Now below mentioned cool facts about water are some general points.

  • Residents of the USA consumes five times more water then EU nationals.
  • A small hole in a water supply can waste approx 75 Litre of water a day.
  • Canada has the world’s largest wetland area.
  • Pure water is a colorless and tasteless.
  • In fever, doctors advised drinking more water due to body temperature.
  • Frozen water flouts because it’s lighter than regular water.
  • There are two significant forms of water saltwater and freshwater.
  • One inch of rainfall drops approx 3o tons of water from the sky.
  • One gallon of water have a weight equally to 8.5 pounds.
  • Humans consume an average of 15 to 20 gallons of water on each 5-minute shower.
  • To produce a 1 ton of steel 300 tons of water required.
  • NASA has discovered frozen water (ice) on the moon.
  • There is a lot of freshwater present in the atmosphere.
  • Most of the human brain is consist of water.
  • A typical jellyfish made up of 95% of water.
  • Contaminated water kills many children around the world each hour.
  • In Africa, many women’s and children’s walk miles to fetch water for drinking.

I hope you all find these fun facts about water are interesting . Now I’m ending this article on the following quote.

Water is the driving force of all nature


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