Why Is Hard Water a problem? Hard Water Problems in 2020

Usually, hard water itself is not a health risk. Hard water problems occur when mineral deposits in water exceed the limit (calcium, magnesium, and Lime, etc ). According to scientific research, these minerals don’t put any threat to human health in general.

So if there is no health risk using hard water, then why are we even discussing it right now? We are talking about it because hard water creates many other problems like a mineral build up in the plumbing area, spotty dishes, and much more.

There are many hardware problems but we will discuss the most important here.

Hard Water Problems

Hard Water Problems

1) Dishes/Glasses With Spots:

When you wash your dishes/glasses in a dishwasher using hard water, then you will get some spots on your dishes. Those spots are due to minerals in hard water, and you have to wash that spotty dishes again by hand. You can also use white vinegar to solve this problem, but the ultimate solution to this problem is an excellent water softener.

2) Dry Skin:

According to many sources, it’s confirmed now that hard water can cause itching or skin dryness. If you have sensitive skin then we recommend you avoid using hard water for a bath and face wash. You can see the hard water rash pictures on google.

3) Spotty Laundry:  

No matter how fine you wash your clothes, if you are using hard water, your clothes always come with yellowish-grey type stains. These stains are due to the minerals present in hard water. Hard water will also prevent your soap from dissolving completely with detergent to remove stains.

4) Life Span of Appliances: 

Soft water increases the life span of appliances like water softeners, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. On the other hand, hard water decreases it. When we use hard water in these appliances, then minerals build-up blocks the narrow drain lines and affects the internal process resulting in a decrease in the performance & life of a machine.

5) Hair Washing:

As we know that hard water minerals prevent it from dissolving with soap and shampoos. So you will not get full of lather during hair washing with shampoos. In this case, excessive use of hard water may not work well with your hairs, and your hair becomes dull and dry.

6) Taste of Water:

Drinking a glass of cold water or juice in mid of summer sounds enjoyable, but if you get a metallic taste at the end, then you may not like it. Hard water smell can change the taste of water, depending on the number of minerals present in a specific amount of water.

7) Stains on Brick Surfaces:

On many occasions, we saw a white stain alongside brick surfaces at home. These stains may be present due to different reasons, but one is hard water for sure. When hard water leaks from water supply lines coming alongside walls, then it will cause that kind of white stains on the bricks.

8) Corroded  Plumbing  joints: 

Sometimes water supply connections get leaked due to pressure or any other reasons. In this way, hard water starts leaking alongside the plumbing connections and allowing the minerals to form a build-up. That mineral build-up soon begins to corroding the water pipe connections.


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