15 US Cities With Worst Drinking Water in 2020

In this era of modern technology, there are still some cities in the United States where healthy drinking water is not available. In this article, I will tell you about some US cities with the worst drinking water.

US cities with worst drinking water

15 US Cities With Worst Drinking Water

To get the list of US cities with bad drinking water conditions, I did extensive research online. According to different research, water conditions are assessed based on the total number of contaminants found.

1) San Diego, CA:

San Diego is one of the largest cities in the US. The city water supply line is responsible for supplying water to thousands of its residents. However, according to one research, San Diego water contains 2 chemicals and 20 contaminants.

2) Omaha, NE:

Omaha city gets water from river Platte and river Missouri. Unfortunately, the Omaha water supply contains approximately 4 different chemicals dangerous for human health.

3) Jacksonville, FL:

Jacksonville water supply contains a high number of toxins. They are different types of toxins like arsenic and lead etc. These chemicals are exceeding EPA’s legal limit.

4) Pensacola, FL:

This city is situated on the bank of the Mexican Gulf. According to different researches, the water of Pensacola contains 45 chemicals. Pensacola is known as one of the worst cities in the US in terms of drinking water.

5) Reno, NV:

Reno is another US city with wost drinking water. According to sources, the Reno water supply has approximately 11 different types of unhealthy contaminants.

6) Pomona, CA:

Pomona city water supply contains about 10 different types of chemicals. These chemicals are unhealthy and not suitable for daily drinking.

7) Houston, TX:

This city gets its water from Lake Houston and Trinity river. Upon testing, experts found over 46  pollutants in the water. Most of these pollutants are really dangerous for human health.

8) North Las Vegas:

North Las Vegas is getting most of its water supply from the colorado river and groundwater. Water testing shows that it contains about 26 contaminants.

9) Riverside Country, CA:

Delta Bey fed water to Riverside country. Water Testing authorities found approx 13 different chemicals in this water. The overall water health score of this city is bad. This city has one of the worst tap water in us.

10) Amarillo, TX:

Amarillo is the 14th most populous city in Texas. Amarillo water supply contains almost 11 different types of contaminants. Residensta re advised to drink filtered water.

11) Rockford, IL:

Rockford is an important US city in northern Illinois. Water testing shows that the Rockford water supply contains 17 detected contaminants. Its dirty water score is 52.70.

12) Pasadena, CA:

Pasadena is situated in the US state of California. Pasadena water supply contains 14 types of toxins. Its dirty water score is 50.67, and it is the worst water in the US.

13) Irving, TX:

Irving is a texas city situated northwest of Dallas. Water testing shows that Irving water contains about 24 types of toxins. People of Irving are advised to drink filtered water.

14) Garland, TX:

Garland is a texas city, and it is a part of a Dallas-fort worth metroplex. Garland water has about 22 different types of unhealthy chemicals. Its dirty water score is 49.98.

15) Modesto, CA:

Modesty city is the largest city in Stanislaus County, California. According to sources, the Modesto water supply has about 20 different types of chemicals. Its dirty water score is 47.19.

Final Words:

After analyzing the above-mentioned cities’ data, I conclude that water quality is becoming one of the major issues in the coming years.

It’s our individual responsibility to save water and spread awareness.

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